Pacquiao’s Devastating Loss Diminishes His Starpower As A Fighter

There were so much speculations why Manny Pacquiao lost to Juan Manuel Marquez but one thing is certain that his brutal loss to the Mexican warrior diminishes his starpower as a fighter.

This could also be translated to the reduction of revenues Pacquiao will be getting in his future fights. The last fight he had with Marquez guaranteed him around US$ 25 million for the gates and PPV, a lucrative one. However, if Pacquiao wants a fifth fight with Marquez to avenge his knockout loss, the situation would never be the same, because this time Marquez would demand a bigger purse to fight him.

Pacquiao could no longer demand the purse he wanted when his star power was its peak. Now, Pacquiao will just be contented of what his promoter Bob Arum going to offer him, a lesser purse in his future fights, including Marquez pentalogy if ever that happens.

Pacquiao’s devastating defeat exposes his Achilles’s heel that he can also be sent to dreamland, a punch he didn’t see coming when it was unloaded to his chin the way he did to Hatton and a few others in his previous fights.

It was the first time that Pacquiao has been knocked out face down unconscious, which of course mentally, it would not be that easy for him to recover.

Besides, this might also be the time, that Floyd Mayweather Jr. would exploit the situation to fight Pacquiao with a one sided disparity purse, no longer the 60 / 40 but maybe a 70 / 30 in favor of the undefeated American boxer.

The question now is, would Pacquiao be amenable to receive a much lesser purse offer this time from Mayweather Jr.?

If that happens, maybe Pacquiao has to study carefully how he will defeat decisively Mayweather Jr.,an excellent counter puncher, a version of Marquez in a much bigger frame.

Let just wait if there’s an impending move or motivation in the Mayweather’s camp to make a refreshing offer to Pacquiao.

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