The Choice Of Mar Roxas To DILG Prepares Him As The Administration’s Bet For President In 2016

Mar Roxas was supposedly the presidential bet of the Liberal Party for President when he gave in to become instead the vice presidential candidate of Benigno Aquino III which became the presidential bet of the Party in the 2010 National Election.

Aquino’s campaign platform of change with his ‘matuwid na daan’ (straight path) slogan catapults him to the presidency in a landslide victory over his rivals, former President Joseph Estrada, then Defense Secretary Gilbert Teodoro and Eddie Villanueva leader of charismatic group JIL, while Roxas was defeated in a closed contested result of the vice presidency by now Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Despite the setback, it would not stop Roxas for seeking the presidency in 2016.

Binay was then the vice presidential candidate of former President Joseph Estrada who run for election after he was pardoned by Gloria Arroyo after his conviction of plunder charges.

Binay would not have won the vice presidency if it was not the support of the Cojuancos who opted for Aquino-Binay instead of an Aquino-Roxas tandem.

Upon his election as vice president, Binay was eying the DILG post and he was telling everyone that he would not settle for less in the cabinet of Aquino but later retracted, then settled for a less lucrative position when he realized that he could not get the post.

Being a DILG secretary, Binay knows that it would be a plus factor for him if he will seek the presidency in 2016. There’s nothing so strategic position other than the DILG if a politician wants to be closed with the LGUs of the entire country and get benefited from them and with their support during election time.

P-Noy most probably has sensed that the the DILG post Binay was seeking is a critical position only to be entrusted to his party-mates, so he gave it to the late Jesse Robredo who was a liberal stalwart. If it was not of a law prohibiting Aquino to appoint an electoral candidate like Roxas right after the election, he should have appointed him to the post.

With the untimely demise of Secretary Robredo it was indeed a blessing in disguise on the part of Mar Roxas when he was appointed by the President to the post. Being the new DILG Secretary for sure is big boost and advantage as he prepares himself as the presidential bet in 2016, when P-Noy’s term expires.

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