Why Pacquiao Moves The Date To December But Still Fails To Name An Opponent?

There’s nothing so much have changed in Manny Pacquiao’s decision for having a scheduled fight this year except for moving the date from November to December this time but still without naming whom his opponent would be.

The reason behind, Pacquiao now trying to arrange if he could be able to make the mega-fight with Floyd Mayweather jr. to happen in December or if it is not possible, it could probably be made at the early quarter of next year.

It could be noted that Pacquiao is doing the negotiation by himself now, without any direct participation from his promoter Bob Arum. Pacquiao now hopes that where Arum has failed to deliver, he could be able to do it successfully this time.

Mayweather jr. had hinted beforehand that in order Pacquiao could be able to arrange a megafight with him, Pacquiao should arrange and to directly negotiate with him without Arum.

Well of course it could be advantageous for both sides directly to do the talking so that any problem relative to the megafight could be discussed, ironed out and could easily be decided among themselves if they talk each other directly without any much fanfare.

Mayweather Jr. believes that Arum is the stumbling block in the negotiation process to make the megafight a reality because of the blood bath of their relationship and the animosity between them since Mayweather’s bolting out from Arum’s tutelage and promotional outfit Top Rank.

It is probably the reason why Pacquiao took the cudgel personally bypassing Arum in the negotiation process which is supposedly to be Arum’s job.

Besides, the megafight between him and Mayweather is what the boxing world wanted to see where they were already clamoring for almost three years now. The megafight has long been overdue and must have happened right after Pacquiao became a legitimate welterweight contender after defeating Oscar de la Hoya.

Besides, it was also a personal request by his oldest son for him to make the fight to happen before he hangs up his gloves.

Though people have speculated that the megafight could be a prelude to Pacquiao’s retirement, boxing experts are unanimous in their belief that it could not be actually Pacquiao’s last fight especially if he loses to Mayweather jr.

But if Pacquiao wins against Mayweather jr., he might consider retiring for good because he has nothing to prove anymore to the boxing world.

The win with Mayweather could cement Pacquiao’s legacy that he has fought the best boxer of his era and could be rightfully well remembered and enthroned him as the greatest fighter of all time.

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