Best Thing About Breast Milk That Mothers Should Know

There’s a lot of amazing information about breast milk that mothers don’t know. Breast milk has been considered as a living biological fluid that contains nutrients proportionate to your baby’s needs. What is best about it, is that it changes with the baby’s dietary requirement as he grows.

During the first few days of breastfeeding, the mother’s milk is composed mainly of colostrum which has antibodies that increase baby’s immunity and protect the intestines.

With colostrum, the child is given a head start in terms of physical well being. Colostrum prevents common cases of middle ear infections, stomach, flu and pneumonia. It also protects babies from allergies, as well as asthma and eczema.

Studies had also shown that breastfeeding is advisable for premature infants because breast milk contains some nutrients suitable for the premature baby. It was also found that suckling mothers breast and digesting breast milk are less strenuous for the premature infant.

It is usually observed that a healthy breastfed baby grows faster initially, his growth slows down when he approach his first year to maintain the normal weight and height of a one year old. It only shows how effective breastfeeding is for regulating the ideal weight of the child.

Breastfed babies also have smaller chances of being obese when they became adults as one ob-gynecology specialist observed. Breastfeeding also promotes optional brain development because breast milk contains live DHA (docosohexaenois acid) and AA (arachidonic acid) which contribute to brain and retinal development.

Aside from these nutritional benefits, breastfeeding also helps in the optimum psychomotor and emotional development of the child. It helps the hand-eye coordination of the baby especially with the regular side switching from one breast to another during feeding. Breastfeeding also helps the mother provide optimum nurturing because of the skin to skin contact they experience.

Vitally important, breastfeeding is not just beneficial for the child but for the mother as well. It protects her from postpartum hemorrhage and promotes the natural way of spacing between pregnancies and besides there is a lower incidence of breast and ovarian cancer among breastfeeding women.

With all these amazing advantages breast milk is definitely the perfect milk that gives the baby superior nutritional benefits that will promote his mental-physical development and the mother protection she needs against illness and optimum nurturing of her baby.

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