British Gay Men Can Be A Blood Donor But Under Stringent Rules

British men who are gay are permitted to donate blood under stringent rules, as long they have not had sexual intercourse for a decade.

Previously, they were banned to donate blood but authorities decide to lift it because it could be discriminatory and aside from that it might breach equality legislation.

Homosexuals who are or have recently been sexually active will continue to be barred from giving blood.

They are also at significantly higher risk for carrying Herpes simplex virus, Human Papilloma virus, Gonorrhea and Syphilis.

Medical organizations have long warned that the issue is not one of “equality” but of hard medical facts.

Donated blood is screened for HIV and other infections, but a small percentage of infected blood can slip through the screening process.

There is no system of policing, and an honor system is observed in screening donors for infection risks.

One homosexualist organization estimates that of the approximately 86,500 people in the UK who have HIV, 42 percent are homosexual men.

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