Can A Left Brained Teacher Effectively Teaches A Right Brained Student?

The most intriguing and mysterious part of the human anatomy is our brain. It weighs about three pounds and yet it is more sophisticated than the most complicated computer that we have known around.

Perhaps because artificial intelligence has a limited scope, compared to the human brain. It serves as our CPU but it is more than that because as such it has the ability to coordinate with our emotions, the abstract part of our human anatomy which computers don’t have.

Besides our brain has two hemispheres which we both used, but it is something of which part whether the left brained or right brained hemisphere we often and dominantly used most of the time.

To know the nature of how we preferably utilize them, would determine which preferred academic skills and strength we are in. The brain works by which each hemisphere taking more activity different from the other.

The left hemisphere of the brain takes care for handwriting, symbols, language, reading, phonics, locating details and facts, talking and reciting, following directions, listening and auditory association while the right hemisphere is responsible for haptic awareness, spatial relationship, shapes and patterns, mathematical computations, color, sensitivity, singing and music, art expression, creativity, visualization, feelings and emotions.

The understanding of each hemispheric scope can lead to specialization of certain academic skills of an individual to which he is inclined to. Since certain skills are assigned to either the left or the right hemispherical of the brain, this has shown to us that there must be more than one way of teaching the students.

Success in teaching cannot be achieved until we discover the true potential strengths and weaknesses of the students whether it is in the left or right hemisphere. To obtain optimal results in teaching, the teacher must exploit the strengths of the student.

A right brained student, however, may instinctively not receptive in his thinking power when a left brained teacher gives the same inappropriate lessons which tantamount to inattention, boredom, or other behavioral problems that can affect his learning process pessimistically.

It would be the best interest to everyone, parents and teachers alike to identify individual thinking patterns of the students and find methods in meeting their needs, design lessons and prepare them, that would generate interest and enthusiasm on the part of the student.

It can be noted that most schools and teachers are still focused on the left brained based experience and teaching, despite the intricacies that it has brought in. Of course this cannot be a good excuse by the school and teacher of not meeting their student needs.

The responsibility for providing right brained based learning experience depends with both teachers and parents. It is now high time to do something and take time to find out and study the students learning pattern better.

One can imagine if what happens when a right brained student has a left brained teacher? Surely, problems can occur. Giving lessons in some way strange and unknown to these students cannot bring any benefit to them at all.

It is therefore important for mentors to note that they have to determine in which brain hemisphere that the student is more inclined to and address it accordingly to meet their needs.

The so- called crises in education is simply the failure of our schools to identify these students and determine the best way to teach them based on brain hemispherical test evaluation.

Let us support the students by helping them discover their true potentials and fully exploit their talents to become leaders of their chosen fields of interest.

Notwithstanding, that historically, inventors and the greatest minds of our time and of many known fields were right brained individuals like Thomas Edison, Leonardo d’ Vinci, Albert Einstein, Beethoven and Mozart.

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