Carmakers Focus On Hybrid Fuel Technology

With the increase of petrol fuel prices combined with the worsening impact of carbon emissions to the environment will put no doubt the automotive industry in the hot seat policy debates of how to explore innovations that can cope up with the inter-wined dilemma of the world today, increasing oil prices and global warming.

Data from the World Energy Council had shown that half of the world’s oil goes to transportation sector and a quarter of carbon dioxide is emitted into the atmosphere.

As petrol prices are unstable and uncertain reserve resources unpredictable, car manufacturers had to chip their way in investing their dollars into research and development for new technologies in producing hybrid cars or come up an alternative energy fuel that would replace the petrol dependent design machines.

The end goal would be to put up energy efficient vehicles using alternative energy fuel that is environmentally friendly. On bringing “green cars” to the market.

US firm Ford Motors Company pledges to play its card and within reason to be considered as a “visionary car-maker” as it is always getting ahead in exploring innovations and improving technologies.

Ford had spent $23 billion on research and development initiatives as part of its commitment to “sustainable mobility” and delivery multiple alternative fuel technologies.

The company is working in hybrids, plug in hybrids, hydrogen fuel cells, hydrogen international combustion engines and flexible fuels at it’s laboratories and test fleets around the world.

Ford has estimated that by 2013 more than 750,000 new vehicles per year will be sold globally with ecology boost engine technology.


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