Dallas Mavericks Trounces Miami Heat 105-95 To Win The 2011 NBA Championship

The Miami Heat were not able to recover from their games 4 & 5 consecutive losses which stood 3-2 led in Dallas Mavericks favor by relinquishing their hope in game 6.

In their 6th game NBA final series, Mavericks defeated Heat 105-95 to win the 2011 NBA Championship.

Jason Terry scored 27 points, Dirk Nowitzki added 21 for the Mavericks while LeBron James scored 21 points and Dwyane Wade 17 for the Heat.

It was the first NBA title for the Mavericks after 31 years of existence and Germany’s Nowitzki was named Most Valuable Player of the finals.

“Every situation has felt like it was an our-back-against-the-wall situation,” James said Sunday morning, hours before Game 6 began. “We’ve been able to figure it out and find our way through and scratch our way through. This is the last test. This is the last pop quiz for us that we need to pass in order to make it all worth it.”

Unfortunately after the game, they failed the opportunity.

On the Mavericks side, Terry won’t have to get his tattoo, the one of the NBA championship trophy, removed, which he vowed to have done it if Miami won.

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