Do Memory Lapses Beginning Of Alzheimer’s?

Almost half of people aged 50 or older experience periodic forgetfulness, known as Age Associated Memory Impairment (AAMI). Though sometimes bothering, the situation is still within the normal conditions of that age group.

Though the signs seemed similar to that of Alzheimer’s disease, the only difference is that the rate of progressive loss memory of the latter is quite obvious.

It is important therefore, that as we get older we must take care of ourselves and be proactive in our daily chores to prevent our memory from deteriorating.

Herewith, are healthful tips of how to sharpen our memory.

*** Keep on reading anything that your hands can laid on and make a habit of choosing a mind boggling topic or a puzzling game to play, that would stimulate your brain into thinking and tap its creativity in coping such a challenge.

*** Regulate your weight by keeping fit, don’t allow yourself to lead a sedentary life because it is bad to your brain and the risk of dementia is there.

*** You need to socialize and get connected with your family, relatives and friends. Interact with them to be abreast of what is happening around you.

*** Be mobile and be consistent of what you do. Don’t allow yourself to just sit the whole day without engaging moderate activities such as sweeping the floor, cleaning your backyard or do some light exercises in order to lower any risk of vascular dementia which is common to inactive individuals. It is a form of memory loss tied to poor blood circulation in the brain.

*** Keep your cholesterol in check, high cholesterol individuals are high risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

*** Control your blood pressure, as you aged near centennial, maintaining a normal blood pressure was found out to be good in keeping your brain healthy.

*** Eat fish rich in omega oil, it is not only good to your heart but to your brain as well. It helps lower the risk of memory decline and stroke to senior individuals.

*** Consult your doctor of what appropriate supplements that can be recommended to you, that can enhance and sharpen your concentration and prevent forgetfulness.

*** Any symptoms that can be worrying, get periodic professional evaluation to ease the anxiety or any feeling of being depressed, which they themselves are causes of memory deterioration.

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