Finding The Best School For Your Child

Parents usually are looking forward to get quality education for their kids as much as they can, giving them the desired training and instruction they deserved.

It is therefore very important for parents to identify of which school is clearly has a better edge than the other

However, there are several factors to be considered in which schools are topnotch whether it’s in primary, secondary or tertiary levels, according to a prominent educator cum former undersecretary of the Department of Education.

To name a few are the following: school performance, participation, completion rates, average class size, teachers’ competencies and training, sufficiency and quality of instructional materials, curricula abreast with the times and latest technology, and excellent school facilities.

In school performance, it is more on how their students fare in any national examination events such as the National Achievement Test, which reflects not only the general standing of the school itself but importantly, how the school’s curricula is effectively being carried out.

When it comes to class size, the ratio of teachers to students should ideally be in 1 is to 25, to achieve the sufficient numbers of students for interaction and participation in a class. It can be a disappointment therefore, to see teachers handling 50 to 70 students in a class and it can be a clear indication that not everyone is learning from that class.

Equally important, are the expertise of teachers, the materials and amenities that a school can offer. Proficient teachers complimented with ample excellent resources will enable the students to learn more effectively and efficiently.

Notwithstanding also,  is the selection of preschool for the early educational development of your child, where foremost consideration is the school should have a child friendly environment, that there is adequate space for kids to move around with enough amenities to play and learning.

It has further suggested to parents, to select a school that would fit your kid’s personality and not just a school of reputation. Knowing your kid very well and understanding what school will bring the best in him or her is very important. Another consideration is its proximity to home, if the school is too far, there are lot of lost hours due to travel and traffic and this can also affect the student.

Children, in their formative years must learn fundamental skills and develop in ways that are crucial to the success of their future education and the rest of their lives. Thus, it is important for a preschool to develop and prepare the child not only academically but spiritually as well.

Support for children at this age is not merely referring to establishing preschool and toddler classes. It refers to all the activities and interventions which address the needs of young children and help to strengthen the contexts in which they are mold and embedded to: the family, the community and to society in general.

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