Get Organized, Be An Efficient Office Worker

Embarking on a job whether you are a newly hired employee or a self employed individual, getting organized is the first thing to do before going to the main menu of the job.

The first step that needs to be done is to organize your office. Determine what your needs are. The main table can have the computer, printer and with the telephone on it. It is suggested that you need a side table where you can spread out your documents wherever you work on it, to avoid cluttering your main table.

Nearby, a filing cabinet where you can store hard copies of non digital files for your easy access in anytime you need it. You arrange them in accordance to its frequency of use, files you use more often make it possibly visible for your easy reference.

Make it a point that a hard copy is always available every time, if in case your computer or your printer is not working for some reason. Things like pens, memo pad, pencil, highlighter and other things deem necessary, can be stored in the top drawer of your main table.

Consumable office items you may place it at the bottom drawer of your table or in the filing cabinet. On top of your table you may have an inbox-outbox counter to make it easier for the person to know which of the documents are done and which of them still require some action.

If a person frequently attend several meetings and whose work requires a lot of traveling, it would probably be better off if he or she can carry an organizer with him or her.

You can opt for either the old practice organizer or that of an electronic one. Some high tech savvy individuals prefer gadgets that does not only serve as an organizer but also as mobile phones as well. Where the same are light, easy to carry and can easily fit in the breast pocket.

In a company where its office has been operating for a long time, you can go over through the old files and sort it out that are not needed anymore and discard them. It would make then easier for you to find things whenever you need it.

If you happen to be in the top management level, you need to observe the proper protocol in handling highly classified documents. Such documents however, should not be left lying around. If it requires shredding after reading, so you should do it immediately. If not, it should be locked in a safe or a highly secure drawer when not in use.

Some top managers schedule in advance their activities using an organizer. It is a matter of writing everything down the line and set it out in accordance to priorities and cross out the ones that are already completed.

Pending tasks that has a lot of slack can be set aside to give priority to the critical activities that require to be completed.

An efficient employee is someone who is always prepared and dependable at all times. He is aware that a well organized office is the key to an efficient and effective office operation and management.


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