How To Cope Up With Dandruff

There are many reasons why a person can develop dandruff. It might be due to yeast infection on the scalp, stress, nutritional deficiencies and improper use of hair products like dyes, gels, hair sprays, blower, hair iron and not shampooing regularly.

While dandruff is not a serious health threat, it can cause you embarrassment to the people around you.

Oftentimes, it can be annoying to see white flakes, falling from your hair and sticking the same on your shoulder. Socially, such condition can directly affect your self esteem as a person. Don’t wait that this will happen to you without doing something to avert such a situation.

In some serious cases, dandruff if left unattended, may result to baldness because it can obstruct hair nutrition and the ability of fungi to destroy the roots of the hair.

Dandruff is usually a scaly dry white flakes that are concentrated within the hairy area of the scalp, sometimes also appears in the eyebrows.The shedding of dead skin cells from the scalp in large and oily cluster, is an inflammatory skin disorder that makes the skin greasy and scaly. It is also described by a serious flaking inflammation which is commonly seen in the scalp as red, scaly and itchy rash.

There are other causes of dandruff to contend with like hormonal changes in your body, excessive perspiration , oily skin and often exposure to weather changes like extreme heat or cold.

Dandruff sometimes is a symptom of an allergic reaction to ingredients found in shampoo and conditioner, gel, hair spray, hair dye, and hair oils, and some straightening chemical products.

Its severity sometimes depends on the season, though, it is observed to heighten during wet season. It can also depend on your tolerance to the fungus when it is caused by fungal infection.
It is usual that the skin dies and flakes off in a trickle but not in large amount. The skin sheds off only once a month but some microorganisms cause the speedy shedding of the skin and result to dandruff.

There are glands in your body that secrete the natural oils of the skin through the hair follicles. When dandruff is caused by a normal skin inhabitant like yeast, it uses the skins’ natural oils as food. In the process, the yeast creates toxic substances that cause irritation and shedding of the skin which is dandruff.

The situation can be worsened or chronic when not treated immediately especially when it is very itchy and shows redness.

There are some remedies in treating dandruff. In mild cases, daily shampoo by gently rubbing the shampoo into your hair and scalp will do. Stubborn flakes can be treated with medicated or dandruff shampoo products.

Raw honey can be used in treating the scaling and itching dandruff. Its bacterial, anti-fungal, and antioxidant components can relieve and treat redness and itching by using it as a shampoo.

Hot oil treatment can alleviate dandruff. A pre-made hot oil treatment using coconut or olive oil is a better alternative in treating dandruff. Simply, heat up coconut or olive oil in a container by placing it in a pan of hot water or heat coconut or olive oil in a container directly to a stove.

Apply a light massage on the scalp using hot, pure coconut or olive oil. Wrap your hair with towel or put a shower cap. Let it stand for 30 minutes, shampoo and rinse it. This process maybe repeated once a week or done on a regular basis to maintain its effectiveness.

Or you may allow the oil on your scalp to stay overnight to maximize the effect. If coconut or olive oil is not available, use light oil. Be sure to massage gently to avoid damaging the hair roots. The next day, squeeze out some calamansi juice and apply it on the hair before shampooing.

Lastly, be selective in using combs, towels and pillow cases to avoid getting infection. While there is no cure yet for dandruff, proper washing of the hair with the right shampoo is still the best remedy to alleviate such condition.

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