How To Fix Your Overindulgences?

People tend to overeat when the food is delicious, some enjoy and have fun by going to the beach under the blistering heat of the sun during summer.

Others spend longer time in their computers by playing games and internet surfing while drinking four to five cups of coffee a day.

However, most people don’t realize that anything that is ‘over’ can lead to serious health repercussion in the long run. Overindulgence, on a daily basis is harmful to you.

If you can avoid or get it back under your control much the better but you need to be reminded that an immediate solution for indulgence, in order to lessen its effect is to fix it right away.

** Overeating – If you overeat food which are high in calories, like chocolate cake loaded with ice cream, often than not, you can feel some burning sensation in your chest and a bitter taste under the back of your throat.

While waiting for your stomach to empty out, do not lie down since there is no more room for gastric acids but to go up into your esophagus. Reclining is not also good either. You need to stay upright for 3 to 4 hours after overeating.

You may take a 30 minute brisk walk to speed up digestion. Refrain from doing extra energetic activity. Taking antacids will not help because there is a tendency to produce more stomach acids instead of neutralizing them.

**Too much time with computer – People who are glued too much on their computers screen, usually feel their eyes bleary and dry. You can lessen its effect, by looking out the window, this will convert your short to long distance viewing. It can diminish eyestrain by helping tight eye muscles to relax. You need to stretch your eye muscle after overusing it. Herewith, is what you supposed to do do:

a) Apply lubricating eye drops to relieve dryness.
b) If you are wearing contact lens, switch to glasses for eye breather.
c) Close your aching eyes for a while to give a rest.

** Too much caffeine intake – Exceeding your caffeine tolerance levels, you may feel twitchy according to a psychiatry neuroscience professor. Caffeine tend to last 4 to 6 hours. you need to manage the symptoms by listening to soothing music or other things that can relax your mood and help counter nervousness and anxiety.

** Too much sun exposure – Going to the beach during summer is inviting and have a lot of fun. Getting sunburn is the usual occurrence when one has forgotten to apply and reapply a sun screen. After a while exposed under the heat of the blistering sun, you can feel the sting and pain at your back and shoulders of your body seem to be untouchable.
Sunburn calls for a multi step treatment to wit:

a) Apply damp compresses made from clean cloth soaked in a mixture 2 teaspoon of baking soda and 2 cups of cool water. Or place chilled, used tea bags on the affected skin for about 5 minutes. The tannins in the tea will relieve the sting.

b) Prevent or lessen peeling with an emollient that contains 41% percent petroleum jelly and holds in moisture. Or use aloe vera gel, which helps prevent peeling and takes away the sting. Apply it to damp skin. If the blisters form, try not to pop them. They serve as little tents that hold fluid against the skin and keep bacteria out. If a blister raptures, cover the area with an antibiotic ointment.

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