In Emergency Cases – Time Is Of The Essence

What really is an emergency? Well, it is a situation that one needs an immediate medical attention and treatment. They are often life threatening that one cannot afford to delay because time and immediate action is primarily important.

Herewith is a list of real emergency cases that need immediate sending of the patient to the hospital:

a) Profuse Bleeding – This is due to cut, self inflicted wound, any kind of injury brought about by an accident or an excessive bleeding by a pregnant patient for that matter should be caused for alarm that eventually needs medical attention right away and to avoid any loss of blood on the part of the patient or at any rate blood transfusion may be required.

b) Unconsciousness or Comatose – Anyone who is unconscious or comatose must be rushed to the hospital immediately for medical treatment to promptly address such a condition.

c) Unstoppable Vomiting – This may lead to dehydration if not treated immediately. Oral rehydration is an option but when either is not possible an intravenous feeding is necessary.

d) Seizures or Convulsions – These illness should not be taken lightly. In this case oxygen delivery to the brain is hampered during seizure especially one has high fever. Prompt administration of medicines such as paracetamol coupled with tepid sponge bath may help in preventing it to occur.

e) Shortness of Breath – Whatever may be the cause, it is advise that the patient should be sent to the hospital immediately for immediate treatment. For ashmatic patients prescribe inhalers and nebulizer to alleviate the condition.

f) Persistent Abdominal Pains – It should not be taken for granted. Usually acute appendicitis is a very common cause that the patient needs immediate medical attention. If other than appendicitis, don’t delay to visit the emergency room if the abnominal pains becomes persistent and increases in severity.

g) Chest Pains – If it is not relieve by rest or medication a prompt medical attention is needed. For patients with cardiac problems, pain that is localized to the epigastric area also warrants for an investigation. Some cardiac patients who complain of hyperacidity type of pain often turn out to be suffering a heart attack.

h) Dizziness or Disorientation – Proper ventilations, rest and eating usually relieve any of these symptoms. If the condition persists despite first aide a visit to the hospital is needed.

i) Traumatic Cases – It is caused by vehicular accidents, stabs and gunshot wounds, burn injuries, broken bones caused by accidents or a fall. Any of these cases require immediate medical attention and treatment.

j) Poisoning, Drug Overdose or Ingestion of foreign body – Food poisoning and taking drugs over the required dosage or ingesting a drug that is not meant for him. A victim of one of these cases need to go to the hospital immediately.

j) Serious Allergic Reactions – These are characterized by swollen eyelids and lips, generalized rash, difficulty in breathing and vomiting. These indicate a life threatening allergic reaction that is considered a real emergency.

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