Japan Bracing To Resolve Low Population Growth

Japan is experiencing low birth rate, an aging population and it will come soon generally, a decline in population.

In Japan’s population data of 2005 census, records have shown that unmarried males increased from 14.30 percent in 1975 to 47.10 percent and unmarried females increased from 7.70 percent to 32 percent.

Since the start of the global financial crisis, a decline in marriage rates also noted. Resident sociologists wanted to resolve low population growth which considered at present a serious social problem in Japan.

The prevalence of unmarried adults despite being capable to live independently by their own still choose to live and supported by their parents. It was not only a burden to parents but to the government as well.

To address the issue a campaign was initiated about spouse hunting or “konkatsu” which is basically a marriage matchmaking in essence and has now become a fad in Japan.

Japanese men are afraid to take the responsibility of raising a family that is why more and more opt for staying single. “There is a strong tendency for women to expect men to take the responsibility,” said Masahiro Yamada, a professor in Sociology at Chou University. “And Japanese men are known to take responsibility seriously,” he added.

A number of unmarried Japanese women are just waiting for marriage until a guy with a high income which they preferred will take them. These women expected to marry a man who will be earning over 6 million yen ($US 70,000) annually.

The 1997 financial crisis, both men and women find it difficult to consider marriage because of the likelihood that they are both afraid that they cannot support their would be family in the present time nor in the future.

Due to the unstable economy and employment uncertainty, few men fall into a category of high income, according to Masahiro Yamada. “Only 3.5 percent of such men fall into this category, though 40 percent of them are eligible.” he added.

The probable resolve is for women to consider marriage and still work to earn an income after getting married. They have to get rid of the ‘Cinderella mentality’ to stay home while the husband is left to work to earn a living for the family.

The objective of “konkatsu” a marriage campaign, is to encourage men and women to search for their future mate, making women comfortable of the idea of ‘working side by side with their men’.

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