Law of Attraction, Does It Really Work?

To some people, attracting women of their dreams, seem next to impossible while others can easily attract any woman as easier than just about anything else. How they have done it?

Herewith, are some tips:

a) Get her attention – You have to attract the woman’s attention, in order to get her notice of you. It is a challenging task though, for a man can do, but it is not close to impossible. If you cannot be able to attract woman’s attention, then you are not going to be able to do anything at all to get anywhere with her.

b) Start something that interest her – Don’t be shy to start with a conversation. Be confident and let it work at your own advantage. Talk to her in a casual mode, as if she is your long time friend. Focus your conversation on subject where she is much of interest and comfortable to discuss with. Conduct your conversation in a give and take interaction to acquaint with each other. Be a good listener.

c) Display your true self – Be a gentleman, someone that can be dependable and have a sense of humor to make the conversation going. Though it would be your first encounter, you have to explore the possibilities of what are those common interest the same as what you have that made you interested of her. Remember that compatibility start with ideas of common interest. A woman needs to see why she should give you her time over any other guys. You have to inject some humor to make your conversation, a lively one. Make her feel that you are the guy she chooses to spend with her for the moment.

d) Let her hooked into you – Now you know her interest and what made her tick to you. You have to exploit the situation to make your conversation longer and interesting. Concentrate on topics of mutual discussion, topics that do not only interest her but you as well. In a good mutual relationship compatibility of so many things is a good reckoning point. However, If you are wanting a lasting relationship, you have to be able to get your hooks into her and make her want to stay around you.

The least thing that you would not want to occur is to have her just walk away after you already get her attention. To get her hooked to you, you have to be able to show to her of why she needs to stay around you.


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