Mosley-Mayweather, Whom You’re Picking?

There’s something worth taking these past three weeks, just recently there’s a trending happening in the world of boxing. Is it not obvious that the magic for older boxer prevails than younger ones these days? Or is it not just a mere coincidence?

The two good examples as our reference, were that of Bernard Hopkins vs. Roy Jones and Evander Holyfield vs. Francois Botha tandems where both Hopkins and Holyfield overwhelmed and pulled out a victory over their younger opponents in their respective bouts.

It may not be that Mosley who is older than Mayweather to defeat him in their upcoming bout? Is it signaling that Mosley is the guy to pick to win the fight come May 1?

Is it not obvious that Mayweather already expecting a defeat from Mosley that is why he himself stipulate in their contract that a mandatory rematch shall be made? Why enclose this provision if he is sure to win this fight?

Is he now willing to leave behind his legacy about his immaculate record or he just wanted to be relieved the pressure of having a zero record and yet received not accolades but rhetorics because he is campaigning in retrogressing fashion by fighting good guys in a lower weight division instead of fighting the legitimate fighters in the division where he belongs with the likes of Cotto, Clottey, Margarito and Berto if he is really that good oozing with overconfidence with his skill?

Now it is clear that he doesn’t want to engage something that he is not sure of winning but this time he has no choice but to face the music. Giving the benefit of the doubt that Mayweather wins against Mosley, is he a man enough to accord Mosley for a rematch?

I don’t think that Mayweather has the balls to honor commitments. He was doing that to Oscar de la Hoya where he prefers not to fight a rematch with him after winning and to Marquez where he came up heavier than the required weight. Well, somehow his actions were understandable maybe that second chance in his mind, would not give him any better but disaster.

So what is now at the back of Mayweather’s mind? Well, I can see Mayweather employing his usual skill the “hit and run” strategy against Mosley, a bankable strategy where he won most of his fights.

If Mosley can be able to counter his style and derail his plan, so be it! Mayweather can accept and comfortable with that if he loses, where he can easily justify that the fight indeed is worth the take because Mosley is a good legitimate welterweight champion and had been in the upper weight division campaigning with some successes.

What Mayweather cannot accept, if the likes of a Pacquiao a smaller guy at that, shall battered him into submission with the fate of a Cotto or de la Hoya, but more than ever his worst nightmare and that scared him to death, is being knock out by Pacquiao like that of a Hatton sending him to dreamland.

If ever Mosley wins, the awaited clash of Pacquiao and Mayweather will not definitely happen this year, but if Mayweather wins, everything is still up to him as usual if he is ever ready to fight the caliber of a Pacquiao. If he’s not well, Mayweather can continue to do all the alibis in his arsenal just to avoid a fight with Pacquiao.


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