Nutritional Care – Vital In Cancer Treatment

Research studies has indicated that nutrition for people with cancer should be different during treatment.

Unfortunately, nutritional care once cancer has developed continues to receive less attention and acceptance by some quarters in the health care industry.

In comparison, a bulk of clinical studies has been concentrated to utilizing nutrition in the prevention of cancer.

However, it has gotten very few health care companies getting involved in developing a comprehensive approach to cancer care and treatment by employing the benefits of medical nutrition therapy in cancer patients.

Medical experts have agreed that effective management cancer- induced weight loss, is crucial to achieving a higher survival rate for cancer patients.

Just recently, a seminar was launched whose discussion focused on assessing the value of EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) an omega-3 fatty acid derived from fish oil in stabilizing weight and addressing the metabolic disorders associated with cancer.

The latest clinical trial on combining EPA with significant levels of calories and protein to better manage involuntary weight loss often associated with cancer has been presented to support nutritional therapy especially people experiencing cancer cachexia.

To support this kind of treatment; a global leading health care company has developed a nutritional product intended for cancer patient based on a comprehensive approach to cancer treatment and care.

It is also based on the premise that medical nutritional therapy can help manage cancer- induced weight loss and build muscle mass.

This in turn help people with cancer tolerate the effects of treatment while improving both their physical activity and well being, stabilizing their weight by suppressing metabolic changes in cancer but most of all it has helped patients maintain and regain their weight, build muscle mass and improved over-all the quality of life of cancer patients in general.

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