Older Children More At Risk Of Drowning Than Toddlers

Older children between five and twelve are most at risk of drowning, not toddlers as commonly thought, a Singapore study said.

It has found out that older youngsters have a growing sense of independence that leads them to take more risks, while they are not as carefully supervised.

The findings published in the Singaporean local paper said that drowning is the second most common cause of death by unintentional injury in children while road accidents emerged first.

Based on latest statistics available, Singapore emergency department has noted thirty eight cases of children drowning or nearly drowning, the report said. Of these, about twenty incidents took place at swimming pools (both public and private), and claimed the lives of two children.

The sea for eight incidents, in which five children died. Two other fatalities occurred in canals. A double tragedy occurred in the city state when two boys, aged fifteen and sixteen, drowned after swimming out to sea.

The task force has submitted proposals and countermeasures to improve water safety at pools and beaches throughout Singapore. Among them are reviewing pool design rules and stepping up public safety awareness and initiatives.

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