Parenting Advice

When I was a kid, I thought that child rearing was easy. But it has changed, now that I become a father of my two children, a boy and a girl. I realized both the joys and pains of being their Dad.

Experiencing the task of changing diapers, waking up in the wee hours of the morning preparing milk, calming a crying child and so forth, were only some of those undaunted tasks that I have done as a father to my children.

Disciplining a child is probably the toughest task to do of being a parent. Aside of looking after that your children eat the nutritious food they need. You have to educate them the importance of a balanced diet and the beneficial contribution that it can bring to their mental and physical well being.

Providing them the guidance, material things, right values and moral support they need, are of parents’ obligation and responsibility towards their children. Before telling a child of what expected of him, parents should observed the following guidelines:

*** Be attentive to your child’s needs, by allocating enough time for him or her, this way parents will get to know their child better.

*** Building a child’s self esteem, parents should know how to acknowledge their child’s positive qualities by appreciating them as a sign of approval. For example, if the child fervently follows the instructions of what has been expected of him parents should give him or her credit or commend him for what he has done. This will help build up the child’s self confidence, thus encouraging him to do better and better every time.

*** Communicate to your child regularly. The best way to understand a child is to listen to him attentively. Many parents always feel the need of telling their child of what he or she should and should not do but fail to listen of what their children have to say.

When parents don’t listen to their children, a gap develops between them. Thus, children tend to look for other people whom they are comfortable with to ventilate their feelings and problems. When a child makes mistakes, instead of blaming him or her, parents have to resolve the situation in a cool and calm manner.

– Lastly, parents should learn to discipline their children by setting up stringent rules of what is good and acceptable behavior, live it up with them as good examples and role models. Most importantly, institute a reward and punishment policy by letting it known to them, that there is a reward in doing good and due punishment of doing bad.

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