Simon Cowell And Company Sued By Former “Britain’s Got Talent” Contestant

Emma Amelia Pearl Czikai, a former “Britain’s Got Talent” Contestant has sued Simon Cowell, Judge Macnasty and the show for 2.50 million pounds (US $3.80 million dollars). The former contestant claimed that the show in its May 2009 broadcast humiliated and degraded her.

She first lodge her complaint with the British Employment Tribune in January for “unfairness and discrimination”. Czikai, a former nurse said, that as a result she suffers cervical spine neuritis that lead to her singing ability to suffer.

She claimed that the show was guilty of “disability discrimination” for not making adjustment for her, like lowering the microphone and backing music.

She also filed a similar complaint to British Media Regulatory, Oxfom but it was rejected. However, Czikai stressed that if awarded any money from her suit, she would donate it to charity.

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