Solving Problems Through Our Subconscious Mind

Oftentimes one has to wonder how our mind works in solving problems whenever we are confronted with the same that requires immediate solution and answer in our daily lives.

The difficulty of the problem is then measured of how responsive our mind in solving problems. Sometimes it can be solved instantly but most of the it takes time to get it solved.

Firstly, we need to refresh ourselves on how our state of mind works. Our mind is divided into consciousness (the active and dynamic) part, while the subconscious as the keeper and registry of information and knowledge which then plays a passive role.

Our subconscious can be similar to a vault as a library of information and knowledge that ever happen to our lives that it has been kept and stored.

Thinking, reflection, cogitation and the willful means of understanding information happen in the consciousness. Any information or raw data when acted by our consciousness state of mind, it becomes knowledge and then stored to our memory.

On the other hand, unprocessed data or information which we have considered trivial, unimportant, useless or just simply ignored are not really lost but they are stored into our subconscious.

They are archived together with our past experiences and thought. Hence, our subconscious is a repository of experiences in our lives whether we are fully aware of them or not.

More importantly, it can help solved our problems in almost any aspect of our lives such as work, careers, personal relationship and family. We shall then employ this untapped resource to good use.

In our part we need to solve the problems in order of priorities and simplify each of this problems in a manner which can be easily managed, analyzed and remove any unnecessary clutter.

Any minor worries or problems should not distract you from the main problem. This simplification approach in solving problems into a clearer scenario when presented to the subconscious, the less time there is spent in relating this to the best and probable solution there is.

This simplification process is very important for the success of our endeavors inasmuch that the subconscious is passive and not an active player in our thinking.

Once the problem is simplified, next we do is to harness the untapped potential in order of importance into our subconscious. While all of these process are happening in our subconscious our daily activities goes on unhampered, this is because we are not full time in finding the solutions of the problems our mind has automatically allocated a small portion of itself in tackling different problems.

Our mind knows what is best for itself. It does not assign more resources to our subconscious at the expense of our daily and normal life. While the problem is under process at our subconscious, more often after some hours or several days have passed by before our subconscious will come up with answers and solutions.

Looking for the best solution is a complicated process, though it does not follow the first in, first out method of addressing up solutions best but it does obey the fundamental rule of finding answers: easy problems get solved first. If our subconscious mind is not fully utilized we can consider it ineffective because it is not an active component in our daily activities.

However, if we fully tapped we can appreciate the potential uses of our subconscious and it can put us into a distinct advantage in solving our problem where our consciousness can’t do.

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