The Holy Month Of Ramadhan – Its Significance To All Mankind

Contrary to popular belief, the holy month of Ramadhan is not only for Muslims but it is intended to all mankind as a whole.

It is in this particular lunar month when God Almighty has revealed His message and professes once again to all mankind His Oneness and Uniqueness as God.

In oneness He has reiterated to all of us that He is the only one God and that He has no associates. That there is no god above Him nor beside Him or below Him.

In uniqueness, there’s nothing that can be compared unto Him in terms of attributes to His existence, power and majesty. He is the Most High and the Lord of the Worlds, there’s no doubt. He does not beget a son nor He is begotten.

Since time immemorial, prophets had been sent as warner by God with the purpose of educating mankind about His Creator and what He wanted us to be.

That He is the only one God that all mankind should truly recognize, and worship the God of the five dominant prophets whom He has sent His message and revelation, namely: Adam, Abraham, Moses, Jesus Christ and Muhammad ( peace be upon them).

It is the point of reckoning to all mankind, that after Muhammad ( peace be upon him) God will not send anymore prophets after him. That he is the seal of all the prophets being the last one sent by God.

The message is also clear that God would not settle for anything less except to worship Him, but Him alone.

As what Jesus Christ ( peace be upon him ) has said to the Israelites during his lifetime, when he said to them, ” Oh Israel, worship thy God who is also my God”

The holy month of Ramadhan, is the time when God has revealed through Muhammad (peace be upon him) His speech to mankind in a series of installments through the archangel Gabriel for twenty three years of Muhammad’s prophetic endeavor.

Soon after, the God’s speech revelation was completed, so the life of the prophet has also ended.

His ministry started when he was forty years of age and died twenty three years later at the age of sixty three. To know more in details of what God’s speech is all about, please read and study the Holy Quran.

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