The Legendary Beatles, Their Legacy

It has been forty seven years since the Beatles came into the scene, that was year of 1963. The UK group that started playing in Germany, has no one ever thought that they would become a worldwide sensation and a musical icon at that, that would change the landscape of the music world and culture.

Their music still reverberates up to this day and most probably for many generations to come. Their music is a combination of heart and soul that touches our feelings and consciousness.

The lyrics that come along with a well crafted melody that you may find yourself to wonder what inspiration drove them to create a trend setting musical ingenuity that more people are attracted to their music young or old and apparently carve a niche not only in western but to eastern culture as well.

It reminisced me an incident that a musical critic was critical to their music but end up an avid fan and liking their music instead. One has to wonder what was there in their music that one find it irresistible not to listen and not to like.
Their music also creates a stir to Latin countries that their local music industry has created a samba tempo and introduce a latin beat to their music.

The Beatles’ phenomenal success has penetrated the iron curtain of once a powerful nation Soviet Union, where anything western were bad influence to their ideology and culture.

The Soviet authorities during that time were in a quandary to make the necessary cordon sanitaire for Beatles music and influence not to invade their youth consciousness about western culture, that they were scared that if it went uncontrollable it may jeopardize their internal security as a whole. It was for this reason that they were totally banned in the communist block countries.

What make the Beatles unique as a band, is that they play a variety of songs, pop, country and rock music alike. As their projected first pop image evolves into a hippie like image so with their music and songs. Their creativity never ends until that fateful year of 1970, that they have to split after having been together for nearly ten years.

It was a sad event in the music industry that it had to end that way. However, one thing is sure that in the entertainment world nothing is permanent, one has to come and go reminding us to the old adage of whatever would happen, as usual the show has to go on.

Even how short the Beatles stint was, their music would still be here for a long, long time.

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