The Making Of An Entrepreneur

As salaried employee, people tend to think and become a keen observant of what is going on around him or her.

His or her eyes most probably be gazing on a bureaucratic slow down and much to his or her dismay is that the key people whom he or she expected to lead the pack in brainstorming and solve the problems seemed to be in his or her opinion incompetent in doing their job.

His or her thoughts doesn’t stop there, when he or she tried to comprehend and brood over those problems that he or she thought was easy to solve so much so that he or she concluded that those problems would not be there in the first place if he or she is the boss.

To give justice to his or her opinion might be an emphatic “NO” of wouldn’t have those problems. In the contrary, those problems would still be there but it would be a host of different ones.

To be the boss and self employed is not that easy and worth the risk. Being one, how do you know that you are ready? And if you happen to be in the marketing business, being the boss of yourself, how highly motivated you are to sell a specific product or service that your research has found to be marketable. The business idea that you’re banking on is based on the expertise that you already have.

Some soon to be entrepreneurs come up with a solution to a business problem and find their company is unwilling to pursue it, according to William Sahlman, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School. “There’s a mismatch between what they’re passionate about and what the company is prepared to support,” he said.

Entrepreneurs “need to be passionate about what they do because that will carry them through the rough times,” said Ms. Susan Urquhart Brown, author if “The Accidental Entrepreneur” and a career coach.

As an entrepreneur, one needs to be a multitasker taking in charge of marketing and administrative work to name a few, ready to devote long hours to one’s enterprise.

To be an entrepreneur is a complex endeavor and not that easy as most people perceived but it takes a lot of sacrifices, perseverance and patience. People who prefers fix and simple job structure as that of salaried employee is better off than to be working as your own boss.

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