The Power And Virtual Healing Of Music

Music has always been an integral part of our lives, it is something that soothes our senses whether one is living in urban area where man made sounds are predominant or in rural area where chirping of the birds and humming of other animals we can hear.

A mother’s lullaby can pacify a crying baby and soothes it into sleep, while the bugle corps of the military plays marches that maintain the cadence of troops, keep up the moral and set the mood for soldiers to march bravely to war.

Without music life seems so dull and even the movie seems would not be powerful enough to move audiences. In every movie themes whether its romance, horror, adventure, comedy, fantasy, musical and action there is a corresponding appropriate musical expression to touch human feelings, sentiments, senses and the likes.

Music plays a vital role in our daily life whether we realize it or not. The music we listen usually affects our feelings, mood and even our attitude and efficiency.

The music played of yesteryears would surely bring back to us the memories which has a tailing effect to ourself of nostalgia and reminiscence of our feelings and mood of the past. Music being composed of harmonious, melodious vibrations, has a mesmerizing effect on the body, mind and spirit.

It can help us relax when we are stressed and perk us up when we are depressed. Music has always been an integral part of spirituality for some religions, providing a medium with which man can worship and praise his Creator. It motivates and inspires us when beautifully created that is based on great love.

Though there are certain types of music that are negative, noisy, discordant and filled with hate and fear that can be physically, emotionally and spiritually damaging, it is important to note that there is healing in music that is positive, melodiously tuneful and beautiful that has many valuable health promoting benefits.

One of those gaining popularity is music therapy which is a branch of health care designed to aid physical and emotional health and well being through the use of music or its incorporation with other treatments and medications.

Studies have shown that people heal more rapidly when healing music is played before, during and after surgical procedure. Physicians seem to perform better when soft classical music is played during their operations.

Patients recovering from strokes and heart attacks respond more quickly to treatment when comforting music is played in their room. Physical rehabilitation can be made more fun and the pain becomes more bearable when therapy exercises are done to the rhythm of music.

Researchers have shown that music such as soothing classical, meditative oriental, harp music and chanting can actually strengthen the immune system and increase the body’s ability to ward off disease.

For people with hypertension and related condition music is more effective and safer alternative than most prescription drugs. The good thing about music is that it is non intrusive, you can listen to it while on other tasks.

Music is not only an engaging form of entertainment, it is also an amazingly great and effective stress reliever. By setting up the right kind of music you can be able to divert your mind from your daily problems and concerns by listening to wonderful songs and instrumentals, especially to music that brings back pleasant memories. While driving, listening to your favorite music can ease the tension and anger caused by traffic snarls and unruly motorists.

Listening to relaxing music can minimize undue stress. The relaxation response involves the muscle relaxing, respiration slowing down and blood pressure lowering.

You can actually be more efficient and productive in the office with pleasant music playing in the background. Light and jazzy tunes can help you savor your meals and enjoy the company you are with better.

Anywhere you are, you can use music to express your feelings and talents, vent pent up emotions and neutralize your frustrations through your favorite songs.

While singing, it cleans and exercises your respiratory organs and it also fills your lungs with fresh revitalizing oxygen. Upbeat music, you can experienced a new surge of energy and you’ll be amazed at how music can charge up your batteries.

Use music in conjunction with your exercise programs or routines to make you move, stretch and condition your body. Most importantly, learn to produce music yourself by singing or learning to play your favorite instrument.

You will experience lots of fun doing it, it makes you become more creative, it eventually lose your shyness and develop most of all your personality oozing with self confidence. After all, music is a God given outlet and the food of human spirit.

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