What To Observe When Taking Your Dog To Public Places

With more pet owners taking their pet dogs to public places, a safe and healthy interaction among humans and animals should always be observed.

It is aimed at teaching pet owners to become more responsible and responsive especially to non animal lovers in public places.

If pets are allowed in some areas or establishments pet owners should regard it not to go out of bounds. Even the pet friendly places don’t even have signs or reminders on how pet owners should handle their pets in public.

Pet owners should be reminded that canine health should always be their foremost consideration in their agenda, that they should see to it that their pet dog is healthy, with anti rabies shots, anti flick tea and heart warm prevention measures.

Pet owners whose dog is in heat and shows signs of restlessness, sickness or diagnosed with infectious diseases are discouraged from taking them to enclosed spaces like restaurants and commercial areas where many people gather.

They also should be held responsible for their pet’s every act. They should have to take note among themselves to be tolerant and understanding to people who don’t like dogs or animals.

Petting of dogs must also be done with strict supervision, especially if their dog may not be feeling well or are still undergoing behavioral training. It would be better that their pet dog wear bite prevention gear or muzzles to avoid any untoward incident to happen.

Pet owners or handlers should also carry their animal vaccination records at all times. It has also reminded dog owners that they should be familiar with common canine diseases as well as how to prevent transmission, observe proper protection and pet grooming.

Moreover, one should take note that it is not the breed but it is how the dogs behaved and are brought up by their owners that matter. Only pet the dog who seemed to be enjoying the attention he was getting.

With more and more people take care of dogs and other pets, their responsibilities do not end with feeding and giving the animals homes. They also have to ensure the peaceful co-existence of humans and animals is strictly observed.

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