Whitewater Rafting – A Bold And Daring Adventure

Whitewater rafting is a lifetime adventure for the thrill seekers and some local and foreign tourists who are looking for a formidable activity that would be a world class experience.

The struggle against the tides and the fight to get through the rapids will surely leave a lasting memory to any adventurer.

Braving water is not an easy feat. Trying to stay in the raft as you sway back and forth, having to experience the rapid’s wrath while trying to balance yourself is a mind blowing experience.

The sudden slopes as the raft is being bombarded by powerful tides in all sides of the raft keeps the rider’s adrenaline rush to the maximum. Staying inside the raft after being hit by a large waves and sudden steep tides is almost impossible.

The thrill of what whitewater rafting is, feeling the water in all surprising places. The rumbling water under your raft, a splash from the side and then a sudden drop from a strong steep tide will definitely turn your raft sideways.

Being thrown off the rapids and experiencing a washout is an ecstatic experience. It heightens all the riders’ senses. Being drifted away in the string rapids, floating and sliding through rocks, rapids and waves is an exhilarating high. It’s indeed an in depth experience of nature’s beauty.

Safety is of course is in its foremost consideration,  always ensured by the boatmen and guides for your total enjoyment of the whole experience.

Such entire adventure fulfills all areas of human interest, self realization and pondering inspired by the scenic view and natural beauty of the place and the need to feel energized is generously provided by its river’s rapids through a memorable whitewater rafting ride.

To enjoy more on this kind of activity, herewith, are tips on whitewater rafting and what has to be expected:

Learn the basics – Before indulging in the ride of your life, the guide initially orients you about the adventure, what to expect and what to do. Pay attention and follow all of the guide’s instructions to ensure safety and quality of the ride.

Gear up – Tour operators usually provide everything you need, including wetsuit, life jacket, paddles and raft. Be sure you have everything and all gears you need are in good condition.

Protect your head – Wearing a helmet could be the difference between life and death, if you are tossed out of the raft and hit your head on a rock.

Cover your feet – Old sandals or shoes are essential for a safe rafting trip. When you are out of the raft, you will need to walk-in the water underneath which may lie some sharp stones, shells or other potentially dangerous sharp objects that would injure your feet.

Listen to your guide – Guides of whitewater rafting are experienced and educated outdoor enthusiasts who know exactly what they are doing and what to expect on the river they run. Teamwork is essential in whitewater rafting.

Know your limits – You should be honest with yourself and to the guides when it comes to your health and physical ability. Inform your guide about any medical problems that could possibly hinder you in doing the ride or your performance during rafting.

Last but not the least, drink plenty of liquids – Whitewater rafting is a lot of fun and you may not even realize of how much work it is. Combine the amount of exertion with the amount of time you spend out in the sun, your body can become dehydrated very quickly.

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