A Chance Of Spending Time With Prince William & Kate For US$ 4,000 Dollars

Here’s your chance to rub elbows with Prince Williams and Duchess Kate.

The royal newlyweds, who will make their upcoming trip to the United States next month, will attend the Polo Challenge on July 9, at the Santa Barbara Polo & Racquet Club in California. The one event on their U.S. tour will be open to the public.

Getting inside to the event will cost you for US$ 400 dollars, while a person who will want to brush elbows with the VIPs seated in the royal couple’s section, it costs US$4,000.

Brian Worley, the creative director of the event, assures that “everyone who attends will feel like a VIP.” While the menu differs between VIP guests and club guests, all of the food will be “delicious,” he says.

A three course lunch will be served in the VIP section along with some appetizers while people in the club section will get gourmet boxed lunches.

Security will be highly observed, when both Prince William and Duchess Catherine in attendance during the event.

“It will be a little different than a normal club day,” says Glen Holden, ambassador of the club. “We will provide more and very synchronized security. Some of the shoulders of the roads nearby will be closed off.” he added.

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