Beverly Hills Police Is Investigating Amid Evidence Tampering In Whitney Houston’s Death

Whitney Houston’s official cause of death which was released by the Los Angeles County Coroner, reveals that the singer died as the result of accidental drowning and the combined effects of atherosclerotic heart disease and cocaine.

Whitney’s mother Cissy is reported to be ‘shocked’ to learn that her daughter was still using drugs at the time of her death.

According to TMZ, Cissy believes that her daughter began taking drugs again due to stress over her comeback.

It also ends weeks of speculation over how the she died, with some members of her family even suggesting foul play may have led to the surprise death on February 11.

It was revealed that Whitney sunk into the bathwater after suffering a massive heart attack caused in part by her prolonged drug abuse.

Cocaine was found in Whitney Houston’s body when she died, according to the LA County Coroner.

The Chief Coroner Craig Harvey stated during a press conference that the results suggest ‘chronic usage’ of cocaine by Ms. Houston.

However, no traces of any illegal drugs were found in her hotel room when investigators conducted their search, it’s also being claimed that bed sheets were missing.

According to TMZ that Beverly Hills Police Department haven’t closed the case yet and are investigating it if there is a case of evidence tampering committed.

They add that, ‘One source who is extremely close to the situation tells us, the individual who removed the cocaine was also the person who supplied it to Whitney.’

It had previously been claimed Whitney Houston’s drug dealer had eliminated all traces of cocaine from singers room after finding her drowned in the bath.

But four days following Whitney’s death, a self-described entertainment consultant Raffles Van Exel, an aide to Whitney Houston has confessed to clearing her room before police arrived following her death.

He admitted that he carried out the action to Dutch Telegraph newspaper, saying ‘Someone had to do it.’ Leaving his action under questionable and suspicious circumstances that something has to be hidden to police out from the scene.

However, he stopped short of saying exactly what he removed from the suite, an important omission following claims cocaine had been removed from the scene.

Celebuzz revealed he made the confession in an interview with the respected Netherlands newspaper just four days following her death, where he also said, ‘The room had to be emptied.’

With the recent development, it is believed that the burden of proof is now with Van Exel, the self-professed entertainment consultant of Whitney who need to explain to investigators about his motive of why he cleared the scene and why he shouldn’t be charged of evidence tampering.

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