Bill Clinton Reveals His Wife Hillary Needs Some Time Off & Doesn’t Think She’ll Run For Office Again

Former U.S. president Bill Clinton said his wife Hillary, the Secretary of State, is tired from her tough job and really needs some time off.

Hillary Clinton doubts she will ever run for office again, and would love to ‘get a good night’s sleep for a week or two,’ her husband has claimed.

Hillary wants to stay in one place for two or three days,’ he told ABC’s ‘The View’.
‘Since we were in law school, she’s shied away from politics and putting herself on the line and then she does and she gets committed.’

He said she did not want to run as a Democratic presidential candidate against Barack Obama in 2008 and has no eye on the White House.

‘She’s tired, she needs some time off,’ he told ABC. ‘I don’t know what the future holds. She doesn’t think she will ever run for office again.’

He said his wife would like to be doing ‘a lot of this work like I do – except focused on women and girls’ and he is struggling to keep up with her.

Mrs. Clinton has said she only intended to be Secretary of State for a single term, which heightened speculation she might run for president.

Mr Clinton, 65, also talked about economics and his new book: ‘Back to Work: Why We Need Smart Government for a Strong Economy’.

But he spoke in addition about his daughter Chelsea starting her new job as an NBC correspondent, ahead of her debut next Monday.

‘I was surprised but I knew she was thinking about it,’ he told ABC, saying Chelsea is also involved with both Columbia and New York University.

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