Can Floyd Mayweather jr. Overcome The Challenge Of Victor Ortiz?

It was Floyd Mayweather Jr. who cherry picked Victor Ortiz to be his foe on the squared ring come September 18, 2011.

After 16 months of boxing inactivity since Mayweather Jr. last fought Shane Mosley, he decided to come out from semi retirement to fight again.

The urge came when he saw personally how Victor Ortiz, a southpaw has tarnished the unblemished record of Andre Berto from a zero to a one while Mayweather jr. was watching the fight at ringside.

In choosing Ortiz, Mayweather jr. wanted to prove to the boxing world that despite inactivity and a decade difference in age with Ortiz he believes that he could handle the challenge without any problem.

He has proven that before when he fought Marquez despite 21 months of inactivity and he emerge victorious. At the back of Mayweather’s mind there’s no reason that he cannot duplicate the same feat this time.

With Ortiz style, a slugger, it suits well to Mayweather jr.’s style as a boxer. As long Mayweather jr. would not engage himself in a toe to toe confrontation with Ortiz he could easily win the fight through the scorecards hands down.

The only problem if Mayweather is enticed to deviate from his usual style in winning fights and wanted to test himself and explore some more in Ortiz’s game. If this would happen, the blue print in beating Mayweather high with Ortiz’s youth and power seemed to favor on his side.

If Shane Mosley failed to knock Mayweather jr. down in the second round in their previous fight, with Ortiz we could see Mayweather jr. going down for the first time in his career if ever he chooses to be the aggressor in this fight.

Ortiz will apply the airtight pressure over Mayweather Jr. to subdue to wherever Mayweather jr. is inside the ring just what Joe Frazier has done to Muhammad Ali in their fight some decades ago.

For the first early rounds Mayweather jr. probably would test Ortiz reflexes if he can be able to withstand Ortiz pressure, power and aggression and hope to solve his own problems in dealing with southpaws which had been a pin in his ass since time immemorial when boxing was first introduced to him.

If Mayweather jr. could be successful doing that, Mayweather jr. could stop contradicting himself as he always does whether to fight or not to fight with Pacquiao. Instead he could say it again oozing with confidence this time, “PACQUIAO YOU’RE NEXT.”

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