Can We Stop Climate Change?

Environmentalists had always call for a dramatic and drastic measures to mitigate impending scenarios of danger that our planet is currently experiencing due to the effects of global warming.

It has brought us to extreme and erratic climate patterns, rising temperatures of the ocean are now manifested in the melting of ice caps in the north and south poles due to the unbridled and excessive emission of greenhouse gases causing sea levels to rise at alarming levels.

Communities along the shore are endangered in redefining their shorelines, depleting fish catch with the loss of nutrients in hot sea waters and inundating agricultural lands.

The massive flooding, landslide disasters now happening in every parts of the world is something that we cannot take them for granted. It is now imperative that the people, their government and communities need to quickly put their act together to mitigate for the next ten years the almost irreversible situation.

We need to address this important issue to reorient ourselves, our communities and government by valuing our resources and increasing the awareness to our consciousness regarding the harm and danger that it shall brought forth to our planet earth.

The ecological reorientation, the importance of reviewing and reviving the best practices in the household, commercial establishments, industrial factories, agricultural fields and all aspects of governance and lifestyle is equally relevant in initiating the much desired environmental reforms.

We need to understand that this environmental issue is man made. This has been precipitated by harmful human activities such as the indiscriminate over use of fossil fuels, massive deforestation, destructive making activities through the use of chemical based agricultural products in terms of pesticides and fertilizers. Toxic industrial operations, the irrational use of land resources,environmental crisis, incineration and a string of bad practices.

Through reorientation, we can therefore rectify our bad practices into best practices, which can help reverse or at least mitigate the environmental crisis that we are facing.

Environmentalists and ecologists as well are magnanimous in saying that aside from fossil fuel use by man which is one major source of green gases, the massive use of chemicals in agriculture is also a major source of global warming.

Agricultural communities are therefore advised to shift their chemical based fertilizer application to 100% organic by using compost pit materials.

Hand in hand with agricultural reform is ecological resource management which is the proper use of our land resources by avoiding totally and completely stop patronizing products or technology that contaminate our soil and water.

We need to put an end to the indiscriminate dumping of chemical wastes, medical wastes and garbage that is ultimately destructive to the well being of our people and environment.

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