Common Liver Diseases – What Are They?

Our liver is one vital part of our body that has a lot of functions and two major features which are: reserve and regeneration.

Even our liver say half of the tissue is removed, the remaining half can still function normally provided that it is healthy.

That’s the reason why people with liver cancer which large portion of the organs taken out without having overall liver functions jeopardized.

Moreover, the liver is the only bodily organ that is capable of regenerating itself back to its normal size even after a large part of it has been removed.

The liver affect nearly every physiological process of the body and plays a central role in nearly all bodily functions. It is the body’s cleansing unit with protector by detoxifying the blood by filtering out toxins such as air pollutants, cigarette smoke, alcohol, environmental chemicals and prescription and non prescription drugs.

It is therefore, important to know what ailments are associated to problems with the liver. Hepatitis is the most common liver ailment. There are three different kinds of hepatitis viruses, A, B and C.

Most common among the three is the B virus. Hepatitis A is normally transmitted through contaminated food, water and sexual activities. Hepatitis B is transmitted by blood, semen and saliva. Hepatitis C is caused by sexual activities, blood transfusion, drug use, contaminated tattoo equipment and others.

If you are a heavy drinker, chances are, you are at risk of contracting of any of these liver diseases: Fatty liver disease (FLD), cirrhosis (liver cancer) and alcohol hepatitis.

When an alcohol induced liver disease progresses, the patient experiences a lot of severe complications, which can include the accumulation of fluid in the abdomen, bleeding from veins in the esophagus, an enlarged spleen, high blood pressure in the liver, changes in mental function, but worst of all either you can experience kidney failure or contract liver cancer.

To heavy drinkers, they are advised to change their lifestyles and avoid being diagnosed of any of the above conditions. Taking into consideration of stopping alcohol intake, maintaining a healthy diet and regular exercise.

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