Coping Up With Brittle Nails

Many doctors believe that brittle nails is caused by nail dehydration. But a research made at Mt. Sinai School of Medicine had analyzed between weak and strong finger nails, they have found out that the water content for both are the same.

People with brittle nails were observed to be using more of hand moisturizers and they are frequenting more to professional manicure every time for a nail fix compared to those with healthier nails without the experience of applying either regimens to their nails.

Thus, indicating that people either turn to these regimens to treat their conditions or that chemicals in the products involved are contributors.

Researchers however, have suggested to keep our nails short to minimize absorption of chemicals, avoiding nail polish removers like acetone and other chemicals that may affect our nails.

Always use rubber gloves in handling chemicals whether they’re for cleaning or any other uses and don’t forget to wear a chemical mask as well for your protection. For any chronic nail problem like fungal infection, consult a dermatologist.

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