Octopus ‘Oracle’ Paul Made Its Mark As Soothsayer In Soccer World Cup

An octopus ‘oracle’ named Paul, a resident of the Oberhausen Sea Life Aquarium, usually have him made only for football prediction soccer games in which Germany plays.

The two year old octopus soothsayer had successfully so far predicted Germany’s victory in their 2010 World Cup quarter finals football soccer match against Argentina by choosing a mussel, from a glass box with the German flag instead of the glass box with the Argentinian flag last June 29, 2010 in Oberhausen City, Germany.

Octopus soothsayer Paul has so far rightly predicted Germany’s first and second victories over Ghana, Australia, England and Serbia.

Last July 09, 2010, the octopus ‘oracle’ Paul chooses a mussel from a glass tank marked a Spanish flag, next to the box with a flag of the Netherlands. He has chosen Spain to beat the Netherlands and win the World Cup Soccer 2010.

Millions across Europe and elsewhere watch a live TV broadcast at his choice of Spain. The ‘oracle’ octopus also predicted Germany over Uruguay in Saturday’s third place game.

Octopus Paul has his own thousands of following in Facebook, Twitter and even world leaders, whom among them is the Prime Minister of Spain, who ventilated his concern of “El Pulpo Paul” as what the octopus Paul known in Spain for his safety and security.

‘Oracle’ Paul’s name has now become a byword in financial markets by analysts, bookmaking, and better yet in the political arena in Iraq where the services of the now famous octopus Paul can be tapped to choose between the current prime minister and the challenger to head the next new government of Iraq.

Despite octopus Paul’s popularity, adversaries want him fried in the kitchen while animal rights group PETA wants him freed to the sea.

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