Coping Up With Dry Eye Syndrome

Do you often feel a burning, itching sensation in your eyes after using the computer for a long time? Have you noticed your eyes getting tired for no apparent reason?

Chances are you may be suffering from dry eye syndrome, one of the most common eye problem that affects over ten million people today.

Anybody can be at risk for dry eyes, even children, especially that almost everyone now using the computer on a daily basis. Using the computer for too long a time is actually one of the major causes of dry eyes, according to a cataract and glaucoma specialist at Asian Eye Institute.

Dry eyes is a condition that results from imbalance in the quality and quantity of tears that bathe the eye. “The eye depends on the flow of tears to provide constant moisture lubrication necessary to maintain good vision and comfort.

Decreased production of fluids from the tear gland destabilizes the tear film, allowing to break down rapidly and create dry spots in the cornea. When there is imbalance in the tear system, a person may experience dry eyes”, added the eye specialist.

Eye strain can also result to dry eyes, which is caused by excessive reading, watching TV and prolonged computer use. This brings about the condition called Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), where eye blinking rate is decreased. The area of the surface of the eye is increased as well, causes dryness of the eye.

Environmental factors such as exposure to dry environment like airplanes, changes in weather, exposure to salty water, air conditioning, intake of hypertensive medications, chronic use of eye drops and extended wearing of contact lenses can also cause dry eyes, according to the eye specialist.

A person suffering from dry eyes may experience eye strain, irritation, redness, burning, grittiness, heaviness and tired eyes, blurred vision, and tearing or discharge formation. If not treated immediately, dry eyes can damage eye tissue, possibly scar the cornea, and make the eye susceptible to infection.

Treatment of dry eyes is aiming at restoring a more normal tear film, which can be achieved by using lubricating eye drops that coat the surface of the eye to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes and protect it from irritants.

Patients can find relief in artificial teardrops, a highly effective and well tolerated multi-dose artificial tears which contains a unique preservation that turns into water and oxygen once it comes into contact with the eyes, making it preservative free in the eye.

It comes in two forms: Drops for mild to moderate dry eye, which provide soothing relief from grittiness, tearing, irritation and burning; and the other one is drops for severe dry eyes, which soothes severe symptoms of dry eyes such as severe itching, persistent redness, blurred vision, severe irritation and frequent mucus discharge, the eye specialist has concluded.

For right prescription and proper medication of your dry eyes condition, always consult your eye doctor.

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