Green Charcoal – An Eco Friendly Invention

Green charcoal is a good alternative to expensive liquefied petroleum gas. The technology is slowly but surely invading the homes and it’s energy efficient, cheap and eco friendly.

This alternative fuel to LPG is safe, eliminates the danger of explosion that usually brings deaths and injuries. The green charcoal technology involves a process of converting wastes into green charcoal in the form of fire logs, pellets, briquettes.

It opens to an opportunity of organic cooking and it reduces indoor pollution and promotes healthy cooking. Studies on LPG indicates that frequent exposure to LPC/nitrogen dioxide, inhibits respiration by attacking the mucus membranes of the lungs, decreases brain activity and interferes with the flow oxygen.

LPG causes oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids and cell membranes to form highly active free radicals that alter protein structure. LPC, studies also reveal, forms nitrosamines, a potent carcinogen.

Green charcoal reduces fuel cost by twenty percent and reduces dependence on imported fuel, thus saving millions of dollars. It helps prevent forest destruction as it reduces the use of wood charcoal.

The long term result of this technology is a sustainable, alternative and eco friendly charcoal industry that may result in job generation in the country side. The resulting ash can be used for cleansing kitchen wares and utensils.

Ash serves as odor neutralizer/eliminator for animal/pet droppings, urine and other obnoxious smells. It also acts as fly repellent as well as organic fertilizer or soil conditioner.

To vouch for his contribution to the environment, Gonzalo Catan, the inventor of the Green Charcoal Technology has earned a bronze medal in Geneva, Switzerland for his eco friendly invention.

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