De la Hoya – Pacquiao Fight Is In The Making

“A fight with Oscar can happen”, these are the words of Golden Boy Productions CEO Richard Schaefer as told to Dan Rafael of ESPN.COM. “Oscar gave me clear instructions to make the fight with Pacquiao, not to kill the fight”.

Schaefer and Top Rank head Bob Arum who promotes the Filipino boxer, are scheduled to meet this week to see whether a deal can be forced between the promotional outfits.

“I am going to meet with him and if we can work out a deal that is acceptable to Bob, Manny and to us, then we will get the fight done. Bob and me have a pretty good track record of making big fights. I will sit down with Bob on Wednesday (in LA) and I think we will know in a half hour if we have a deal or not”. “There are issues we need to talk about. Ther are some deal points which need to be discussed such as the split of the revenues, the weight, I think the gloves, maybe”.

Schaefer said de la Hoya, who turns 36 in February was pained by remark made by Pacquiao trainer Freddie Roach that he can no longer pull the trigger and that the Golden Boy wants to teach Roach and Pacquiao a lesson for being disrespectful.

Pacquiao also earned the ire of de la Hoya in 2006 when he decided to retain Arum as his promoter despite the fact that Pacquiao had also signed a pact with Golden Boy Productions.

Despite their differences, both Top Rank and GBP have co-promoted several cards including Pacquiao’s bouts with Marco Antonio Barrera (last October of last year) and Juan Miguel Marquez (last March of this year).

“Oscar will show them how he can pull the trigger,” Schaefer, who just returned from a 12 day European vacation, said.

Arum had already meet with Pacquiao early this week in Las Vegas and was told that a de la Hoya fight is tops in the boxer’s priority list.

The MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas has been booked to stage de la Hoya’s swan song with pay per view sales expected to set new records owing to the strong following of the two protagonists.

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