Does Your Child Being Bullied In School?

When I was a child, I have experienced being bullied in school but despite my young age at that time I have learned to fight back that mostly end up in a sporty fistfight with the bullier outside our school premises.

I was a regular built kid then, but I was just courageous enough to stand up against bullying. That resistance that I have shown indeed change my life forever that I was never bullied again since then.

However, I don’t recommend to the kids and parents what I did because it takes the heart of a lion and guts of a Patton to take such risk. Besides there is much better option to stop bullying other than what I did.

We know for sure that bullying is annoying and that make your kids not wanting to go to school. Your child can lose concentration in their school work as well.

To get rid of bulliers to prosper in school, herewith are some tips of how to handle them:

*** Tell your child to ignore the bully. He can quickly get away from the bullier by going to a safe place where teachers can be visible. Bullier usually wanted a big reaction on the child’s part to his teasing and meanness.

*** Tell your kid to stand up and pretend to feel brave and confident by telling the bullier to stop it in a loud voice, enough to get notice of people around him. It will deter bullier to do further scaring or teasing your child. If your child does of what a bullier says to do, they will likely bullying him. Bullier tends to bully kids who don’t stand up for themselves.

*** Tell your kid not to fight back, as what I did, it can be dangerous because either one could be hurt physically.

*** The best defense against bullying is to report it to school authorities. Tell your child to seek help from teachers and principal. Sometimes, bulliers stop as soon they are reported because they are afraid that their parents will know of what they are doing in school.

Inculcate to your child’s mind that bullying is an unhealthy behavior and that the bulliers need psychological help for their quest in getting attention from other people the wrong way.

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