Don’t Make Procrastination Your Character

Do you have a habit of postponing your work on a later time instead of doing it immediately?

Well, it has to be stopped, because at first, it might just be a habit forming attitude, but later on, if you can’t get rid of it, it will be part of your character. Once it is there, you will be having difficulty removing it from your system.

How many people fail because of procrastination? It’s countless, and sadly they always miss the opportunity what has to be in their favor if they have acted to them promptly.

Procrastination is the main reason why people are not that productive. There are plenty of time in doing things and yet they prefer just to take it easy and bide their time until an insurmountable pressure is building up to themselves and they are in the quandary of how to cope up the targeted deadline they’re facing.

An old adage that says “Time is of the essence,” why this is so? Because lost time, once it is lost, it is lost forever and you can never retrieve it.

Remember, the time that is lost is debit, while the time well spent is credit and that is what the saying, “Time is gold” is all about.

Though most people are not aware of its consequence, generally procrastination is bad to your health when you will be subjecting yourself unnecessarily to stresses physically and mentally in meeting deadlines, when it should have not been there in the first place.

For many people, putting off their work for later time is more of a habit than a desire to do things promptly. But it can be changed and the desired reform is not that difficult to accomplish.

If you are one of these people, who wanted to get rid of procrastination, herewith, are a few tips to help you overcome this problem and become a more productive and dependable person to be.

1. Set schedules – Make a list of your activities, sort out the priorities, identify what to accomplish and when it can be completed. This will give you realistically a guideline to follow and a tickler to do things in accordance to your plan. By doing so, you can allocate your resources and utilize them in a timely manner and in accordance to your needs.

A journal, organizer, or calendar of events are your tools in planning and scheduling your activities reminding you every time of what has already been done and what has yet to be done.

2. Don’t wait for tomorrow, of what you can do today, for tomorrow is another day – Many people take for granted of time because no one really pay attention of what exactly in store for them in the future. Maybe, they are assuming that If they are okay today it would also be the same for tomorrow.

3. Never underestimate your work – There are ways why people procrastinate, maybe they have already done the work before and they are confident that they can duplicate their previous work without any problem at all. They are positive in a way, but they didn’t think if they have the contingency if it fails. Procrastination due to overconfidence breeds contempt.

4. Don’t mix work with leisure – Each of this activity has to be spent in their right places. Not all work though, are enjoyable but you have the time for fun and enjoyment and that is your leisure time. It is the time when you set your tone in a relax mode and treat yourself better by forgetting momentarily your work and give yourself ample time to unwind and enjoy.

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