Donaire – Darchinyan Rematch In The Making?

The foul mouthed WBC and WBA Superflyweight champion Vic Darchinyan vowed revenge against Nonito Donaire Jr. in their much awaited rematch that will likely to take place in August but still to be on a determined venue.

No agreement has been finalized yet, but both parties, which Donaire’s promoter Top Rank and Darchinyan’s promoter Gary Shaw are closing the deal. Darchinyan is bitter of what Donaire has done to him which is almost three years ago, when the latter handed him his first defeat and the only knockout of his career and Darchinyan wanted to avenge that defeat with Donaire.

The last time Darchinyan, 34, fought was that of Mexican Rodrigo Guerrero of last month (March, 2010), where Darchinyan won on points. Just recently, he said that he cannot wait the exact revenge on Donaire who knockout the Armenian born Australian with a single left hook to the jaw in the fifth round to wrest the IBF flyweight championship in Bridgeport, Connecticut in 2007.

Donaire on the other hand said, that his manager Cameron Dunkin would book his fights in May and August which is a tune-up outing with a world title on the line. Donaire further added, that he would leave the superflyweight division and campaign as a bantamweight unless a championship is arranged to make him worth staying in the 115 lb. weight class.

Both Donaire and Darchinyan were countercharging that they’re ducking each other. Donaire said that he was ready for a rematch two years back then but Darchinyan asked for a ridiculous purse that caused it not to materialize.

Lately, Darchinyan has been mouthing off, that Donaire is moving up in weight to avoid him. Donaire said, that he heard talks about the rematch but he suggested that they should talk to his manager, Cameron, because according to him that he is ready to whoever his manager puts in front of him.

If the rematch is booked, Donaire said, he may cancel his May fight and concentrate instead on training for Darchinyan. His plan is to win two world titles in different classes before the year ends.

Once Donaire repeats over Darchinyan to grab his WBA and WBC belts, he hopes to challenge the winner of the April 30, bantamweight unification showdown between WBO champion Fernando Montiel and WBC titlist Hozumi Hasegawa in Tokyo, Japan.

Donaire now weighs about 20 pounds over the superflyweight limit but said that he would not find it difficult to scale down for the opportunity to shut up Darchinyan for good.


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