Duchess Kate Strolling With A Trolley As She Does Her Weekly Shop

Kate Middleton was the global attention on her wedding when she was walking up the aisle with Prince William a week ago.

Now, the Duchess of Cambridge is strolling down the aisles along with a trolley as she does the weekly shop like any other housewife.

In a loose-fitting green poncho and white V-neck sweatshirt, Kate pushed the trolley by herself and chat with a supermarket worker as she shops at Waitrose .

Observers noted that she filled several carrier bags and loaded them into the boot of her car.

Prince William and the duchess are to visit Canada then California in the US with a whirlwind visit to Hollywood this summer. There’s, no doubt, they will receive the full celebrity treatment.

Kate smiled at the locals around her while returning her empty trolley before driving back to the remote farmhouse that she stays with her new husband.
Kate joins the rest of the supermarket shoppers by grabbing a trolley while doing a weekly shopping.

The only signs to Kate’s royal status were three police bodyguards, a back-up car and the jewellery on her wedding finger.

Tucked behind her sapphire engagement ring was the plain Welsh gold band that marked her transformation from a commoner into Her Royal Highness and will eventually guarantee her a seat on the throne.

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