Enhancing Your Memory

A memory clinic expert has claimed that “not all memory loss leads to Alzheimer’s but generally, people who tends to think and worry about getting Alzheimer’s do not have the illness”.

To help your memory get back to where it was, say, when you were still in your youth you need to do some simple mental calisthenics like for instance memorizing some events or numbers and keep it repeating verbally to yourself. Take a break and try it over and over again.

Say the things you want to remember by saying it loud to yourself. A good example is by saying out loud, “I am placing this car key on top of this table”.

Keep a personal diary and jot down what you have done during the day. Engage yourself in conversations, start to initiate it in a diverse group of people, this shall help you in sharpening your memory through interaction in various topics of discussion.

Your nostalgic past associated with songs, events and personal things, can help you remember and reminisce about “the good old days” and the various memorable events of your life.

Do some mental exercises by playing scrabble, bridge, chess, doing some crossword puzzle and other mental challenging task.

Take some brain nutrients into your diet. Fish and nuts are excellent source of brain food. Take some brain supplement as prescribed by your doctor or nutritionist to give your brain more staying power and alertness.

As much as possible get out from stress. Stress releases high levels of gloucorticoids which inhibit your memory from remembering. Better still, you need to relax once in a while, doing some sort of self meditation like yoga. This works extremely well in attaining the peace of mind you are needing. Make it a habit of doing at least 15 to 30 minutes a day.

You need to link any new information you get from known facts and make some sort of a comparison which is typically a good mental exercise.

Mental exercise done regularly, make your brain active and alert. When you are reading or doing something worth remembering avoid loud distracting noise or sounds in order to achieve the focus you need.

Most importantly, you need to get enough rest and good sleep. This will help refresh your brain and make it again ready to accept new information while retaining most of it.


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