Environmentalist Urged Proper Disposal Of Mercury Containing Batteries

by: Affleap

The Ecological Waste Coalition (EcoWaste) issued a statement addressing the danger of toxic contamination of our environment due to the improper disposal of mercury containing batteries. These spent batteries are commonly treated as if they are ordinary regular wastes.

Environmentalists urged consumers to be careful in mixing miniature button cell batteries that contain mercury and other toxic metals with usual household discards to avoid mercury from being released into the environment.

Button cell batteries are small, silver colored in shape of a button or coin which are commonly used in electronic gadgets like wristwatches, pocket calculators, hearing aids, pacemakers and other electronic devices in which batteries of the same usually disposed them improperly.

The batteries come in various sizes and those with added mercury such as alkaline manganese, silver oxide, zinc air and mercuric oxide can contain as much as 5 to 25 mg. of the toxic metal.

It is by ensuring and preventing that these hazardous materials would not be thrown or burned in dump sites that would caused contamination to our environment. Mercury button toxic can irreversibly and inadvertently damage the human brain.