Feng Shui Is More On Balanced Design And Harmony In Home Arrangement

One does not need to invest so much to achieve harmony and balance so long as one has basic understanding of this ancient Chinese philosophy.

Feng Shui has become an integral aspect of interior decoration  and a lot of people include this in the budget when planning their dream homes.

Consultations often come with hefty fees but not without a promise of prosperity and good fortune in return.

In fact, one has already hold the key to the secret; one not just aware of it. One’s birthday is the key to unlocking the secret to harmony and balance according to a Feng Shui master.

A birth date is indicative of a person’s zodiac sign and element, two things that should be carefully considered when choosing a color for the home, what furnishing to put and which direction to face among other things.

However, a man and a woman may have different elements regardless if they were born in the same year.

A good example, is say a couple who were both born on February 26, 1980 fall under the sign of the monkey.

Nonetheless, their elements are incompatible, the husband carries the earth element while the wife has the wood element.

This may be a confusing situation especially for an interior designer working for the newly weds.

To resolve the conflict, the Feng Shui expert advises homeowners to follow the husband’s element when decorating the house except for the kitchen where the wife is the queen.

Note that the element is represented by a specific color scheme: for water (blue, black, gray and silver); wood (green); fire (red, pink, violet and orange); earth (yellow, beige and brown); and metal (brown and gold).

The same principle applies when determining the Feng Shui lucky direction: for water (north), wood (east and southeast), fire (south), earth (northeast and southwest), and metal (west and northwest).

Feng Shui expert stresses that as a general rule, the location of the master’s bedroom must be based on this criteria and chart to ensure a harmonious life and relationship for the couple.

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