Low Grade Melamine Tableware Is Hazardous To Health

Pure melamine is a kind of plastic composed of alfa cellulose melamine crystal, and formaldehyde solvent.

Normally, melamine is in powder form and is absolutely harmless to health. It was used to produce kitchen utensils and tableware such as plates, bowls, cups, spoons and the likes.

However, a few years ago some unscrupulous businessmen decided to add urea to melamine to create cheaper tableware, and compensated with attractive designs.

Due to its lower cost and lack of consumer education on the harmful effects of urea, low grade melamine tableware soon flooded the global markets.

Low grade melamine tableware may be affordable but they do not last long enough and are not healthy to use.

These usually have high urea content which heat and varying temperatures cause the urea in this material to melt.

And the urea which is consumed unknowingly is the cause of health hazards especially to the stomach and intestines.

Pure high grade melamine is safe like porcelain while inferior melamine deteriorates and fades fast.

Countries like Japan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar have already banned inferior quality melamine products for health reasons. Other countries soon to follow suit.

It’s imperative therefore, to be more choosy and careful when shopping for melamine tableware. Always opt for pure, high grade melamine that is heat resistant, food seasoning resistant and fade resistant.

Melamine tableware usually can withstand temperature up to 140 degrees Celsius. It has low conductivity which means that food stored in the tableware stays warm longer and are easier to handle even when their contents are hot.

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