Global Warming – A Threat To Humanity And Environment

Some thirty years ago, scientists had already alerted the world regarding the possible repercussions of global warming. It is the biggest threat to our civilization after the cold war.

Due to climate change that is brought about by global warming, glaciers are melting, sea levels are rising, devastating storms prevailing, floods and landslides aggravating, droughts affecting crops and livestock production happening and etc.

They are some of the catastrophic effects brought forth in our midst where solutions and immediate resolve urgently needed to cope with the situation. Have we done something to address the problem?

Are we allowing it to continue without the objective to combat it? Well, it is now considered a mega proportion predicament that we need to put up our collective effort and partnership that every country and government should promote environmental awareness to their citizens on how they can contribute in alleviating the situation.

It should not only encourage and inspire action individuals, businesses, but also other countries and governments worldwide as well.

The partnership aims to conduct research and experiments on the long term effect of climate change. How will it affect our rain forests and the world’s major bodies of water like the lakes, rivers, oceans and the livelihood of people who are depending on them.

Addressing this particular environmental issue is profoundly vital in tackling the impact of global warming. We need to initiate to reduce carbon emission and other greenhouse gases, educate the people about climate change issues and what practical solutions can be done.

Each country have to map out of how much carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases it has produced and emitted into the atmosphere and the same way it has to come out of how much greening it has to the environment through reforestation in the rural and planting of plants/trees in urban areas, to neutralize these harmful gases emitted into the air.

Once these gases are in the atmosphere, they stay there for a long time thus trapping the heat in the lower atmosphere and radiating some of it back to earth.

With huge amount of carbon dioxide and greenhouse gases in the atmosphere it would increase the global surface temperature, thus causing drought, change in weather, higher sea levels, melting the north/south pole glaciers and disrupting not only the natural balance of world’s climate but also the ecological balance of the environment as well.

Through environmental awareness, every individual can contribute in his own little way in combating climate change. Every little thing you can do at home, say the use of gas emitting equipments or vehicles, you need to minimize their use if you cannot totally avoid them.

Any equipment or vehicle using oil and gas when burned produces carbon dioxide, notwithstanding the greenhouse gas emitted by compressor run equipments like the air conditioning units, refrigeration and freezing units, etc. which need to be regulated because of the effect it can bring to our ozone layer.

These gases are the most devastating global warming gases remaining in the atmosphere. Energy efficient appliances and by saving energy help reduce gas emission of power plant generators generating electricity.

So it is better to discard inefficient equipments and switch off the appliances, lights and compressor run equipment when not in use. If you are going somewhere not far from your home try walking, it is not only a good exercise but you also help save the environment from deteriorating.

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