How To Stop Smoking – A Personal Encounter

I had known my father as a heavy smoker since I was a kid. I used to go for an errand just to buy cigarettes in a store near our home for his smoking needs.

He usually consumes two to three packs a day. I had noticed his forefinger, middle finger and thumb finger nicotinized and colored rusty yellow.

I know how he had been addicted to nicotine because he had tried to quit the vice on several occasions only to start craving for cigarettes again and resume the habit.

Until one day when he retired from the military service that he underwent an executive medical check up.

The doctor had advised him to stop smoking for good, if he wanted to live longer beyond five years from the date of his retirement.

The doctor’s findings, that my father’s heart was already engulfed with nicotine that blackened the external surface of his heart.

It was at this point that my father had decided to stop smoking outrightly.

I know that it was a difficult decision for him to make but with his fervent determination and strong will that he had, he was able to overcome and won his case.

He successfully eliminate and kick the habit for good. Well, the rest is history because this has happened thirty eight years ago. With God’s grace, my father up to now is alive and kicking at the age of ninety one.

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