How Children Can Be Protected From Abuse?

In impoverished economies child abuse is rampant. Various stories of child exploitation are common issues of the day.

However, in developed countries, a comprehensive child protection laws are strictly implemented, to protect the children from sexual, emotional and physical exploitation.

It is a crime to mistreat children. Hitting children with grave abuse is not the proper way of instilling discipline towards them.

Such approach is not only counter productive but it is morally wrong because you are not helping in alleviating their lives but you are ruining them.

Children who are punished frequently lose their self esteem and are unable to lead normal lives due to the trauma that it has brought about to them.

Hence, to stop all these offenses against children, child protection laws have been enforced by law enforcement agencies and the social service department.

The former is tasked to sincerely perform the duty in safeguarding child protection laws while the latter has to take steps in preventing, any kind of child abuse where the welfare of children should always be given its top priority.

Overall development of children, developing their confidence and nurturing their talents are the main goal behind the implementation of child protection laws.

The children will only become responsible citizens if their family values are well kept and they are not abused.

The child protection laws have prescribed penalties against those who abuse children and the penalties vary accordingly as to the gravity of the offense.

Whenever a child is abused, necessary steps are encouraged for a swift resolution of the case. The provision also state the appointment of a legal counsel whenever necessary in handling child abuse cases.

Confidentiality of records is strictly observed and it should not be leaked to the public. Accordingly, the concerned authority should take the necessary precautions to keep the matter totally confidential to protect the identities of those people involved.

It can be noted that in develop economies like the United States, child abuse cases are less due to the strict implementation of Child Protection Laws compared to the developing economies whose laws that protect the rights of children is not seriously implemented.

It is therefore the responsibility of every individual that the child protection laws are followed strictly. The same are applicable to every child and do not differ from one country to another.

Child protection laws are also made for the uplift of underprivileged children. Most of these children are forced to work at an early age as a bread winner for their poor families.
Depriving their right to education and other basic rights is also depriving them of their childhood, a memorable episode in every individual’s life.

As per provision stipulated in the children protection laws, children whose ages are less than 14 years cannot work in any company or shops. These children also cannot be hired for domestic work.

People who shall violate this provision is punished in accordance to the full extent of the law . Child protection laws if fervently implemented will not only be beneficial to the children but also to the entire country as well.


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